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Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA) is the national body of Outdoor Media owners with more than 80% of top Out-Of-Home Media owners and 220+ members across India. Registered under the Indian Companies Act 2013 as a Not-for-Profit Company, IOAA principle objective is to protect and promote the interests of Outdoor Advertising Media businesses in India.

IOAA provides a friendly gateway to the diverse world of outdoor advertising industry, introducing new opportunities, innovative products, international strategies and safeguarding the interest of OOH industry by representing it on national and international platforms.

Credit Control

Automated process for members to record & monitor overdue payments, pending release orders and interact with OOH Agencies and Advertisers on commercial aspects of the business and resolve issues swiftly.

These records are acted upon by the Joint Working Committee of the IOAA and the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) to resolve issues of payment default and high risk commercial transactions.

For existing members : login with your ID and Password, go to >>> Credit Control >>>select 'Customer Complaint' for lodging a complaint with IOAA secretariat or select 'CCC meeting' for uploading overdue outstandings

Notice : Payment Defaulter List


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Pick your Tenders related to your interested criteria

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Tender For Awarding Commercial Publicity Rights On Exterior ......

Tenders are invited for tender for awarding commercial publicity rights on exterior ...... Tender type: open Eligibility Criteria : -

Publish Date: 23, Jan 2020View More

Advertisement Contract At Location -08 (circulating Area In......

Tenders are invited for Advertisement contract at location -08 (circulating area in...... Tender Type: Open Eligibility Criteria : -

Publish Date: 23, Jan 2020View More

Display Of Four Vinyl Strickers In Interir Maximum Size 3%x3%=9 Sq. Ft. (total 36 Sq.ft, Per Coach) And Exterior Panel Below The Window Two Stickers Maximum Size 7%x2%=14 Sq.ft, (total 28 Sq.ft, And One Sticker Each Side) Stickers Of World Heritage Kalka-

Tenders are invited for Display of four Vinyl Strickers in Interir maximum size 3%x3%=9 Sq. ft. (total 36 sq.ft, per coach) and exterior panel below the window two stickers maximum size 7%x2%=14 Sq.ft, (total 28 sq.ft, and one sticker each side) stickers of World Heritage Kalka-Shimla NG section as per following details:- 1. Display of two Vinyl Stickers on Exterior panel of 80 coaches 2. Display of four Vinyl Stickers in Interior of 80 coaches


OOH Locator

The OOH Media Locator has multi-level search capabilities to provide Media Agencies, Media Planners a reference/planning tool for planning media campaigns in future...

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OOH Directory

OOH Directory will serve as a directory database of all the legal Outdoor Media sites and options for OOH Media Industry...

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    IOAA regularly conducts training workshops on various subjects concerning efficient and profitable management of an O-O-H company for its Members.

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    IOAA negotiates best possible regulations and rules for the industry with Municipalities and State Governments which benefits all its Members.

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