OOH Advocacy

IOAA recognizes that regulatory bodies like Municipalities and Urban Development departments / ministries / authorities in every State and City form an essential part of the O-O-H Advertising Industry. Indeed, it is a fundamental fact that without this partnership, this industry would cease to exist. As such, IOAA has taken the responsibility of representing the industry to critical bodies like the Union Ministry of Urban Development and to the Municipalities in different cities.

An essential agenda for IOAA, therefore, is to constantly stay in touch with various authorities and emerging regulatory developments. At the same time, within the industry too there is a constant need for ensuring that high ethical standards are maintained at all times and in the face of various temptations. Best Practices too need to be constantly reviewed, developed and communicated effectively to all members as well as to all stakeholders in this industry. IOAA considers this to be one of it’s basic purposes and responsibilities. Besides formulating a Code of Ethics and Best Practices and distributing the same to the industry, IOAA offers a platform for discussions and debates within the industry that catalyses evolution of new standards and codes.