Your Best estimate of OOH Revenues in cities where you are located

Source IOAA -March 20, 2019

What is the total revenue of the Out-of-Home advertising industry in India? or – at least – in cities like Delhi & Mumbai? How much revenues do Hoardings or Bus Shelters get? So, if you are a media Company in Delhi or Aurangabad, what is your market share of revenues? Or of total display sites in the city? So, how do you judge your performance efficiency? only by gross growth of revenues or PBT over previous year? Is that enough?

Bangalore OOH policy stalled due to technical issues

Source Media4 Growth -January 28, 2019

Rework on the technical issues is expected to delay the final policy implementation, as also the appointment of new Judge

India's OOH sector tackles lack of metrics

Source -January 28, 2019

India’s OOH industry is expected to benefit this year from infrastructure spending and government initiatives – as well as elections and sporting events – but it urgently needs to address the lack of standard metrics for this this sector, according to observers.

New-age data driven metrics will the game-changer

Source Media4 Growth -January 25, 2019

Rachana Lokhande, CEO, Kinetic India asserts that Transit, Technology and Data are the OOH growth drivers

Display Metrics India unveils OOH metrics development roadmap

Source Media4 Growth -January 25, 2019

Display Metrics has teamed up with Czech Republic-based MGE Data and the Indian arm of IPSOS to develop Metrics for Out-of-Home Displays (MOD) for the Indian OOH industry in association with IOAA

Kerala media houses partner to revive the state through the Great Kerala Shopping Utsav

Source Media4 Growth -October 26, 2018

Media houses, from print to television, from radio to digital will use their editorial and advertisement space and time to promote Great Kerala Shopping Utsav

IOAA Active Defaulter List

Source IOAA Credit Analysis Team -October 12, 2018

Credit Analysis Team of IOAA issues warning and update to its members regarding the credit defualters

Kerala HC orders local bodies to root out illegal media on a war-footing

Source Media4Growth -October 11, 2018

The Court has observed that the media should be erected only in the specific locations permitted by the concerned local bodies

Mondelez India aims to dominate OOH with contextual messaging

Source Media4Growth -July 20, 2018

The brand team is preparing for the festive calendar starting with Friendship Day and until Diwali where the brand will be seen leveraging the outdoor medium with contextual messaging around ‘Kuch Achha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’

Jeep Compass dominates Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Source Media4Growth -July 19, 2018

The iconic Jeep Compass brand installation, put up by Laqshya Media Group, exemplifies the auto major’s thrust on market leadership