Outdoor Advertising industry revenues are projected to touch ₹3,000 crores in 2016 and form 5.9% of total advertising spends in India. While this is a 50% growth since 2013, when the industry first clocked ₹2,000 crores, it is a decline in ad-spend shares from 6.1% in 2013. Current estimates project the industry to touch ₹4,500 crores by 2020 with, however, a further decline in spend shares to 4.5%.


Geography: The 2 largest metros, Delhi and Mumbai, account for about 35-40% of national revenues; with the top 10 cities estimated to be around 65-70%.

Formats: Hoardings and other large formats account for about 60% of total revenues with transit (airports, railway, buses) accounting for 15 – 20%. Street Furniture and others comprise the rest.

For more details, please see the following excerpts from the KPMG Media & Entertainment Report, 2015 and the Pitch-Madison Report on Advertising, 2015-16, respectively.