FLS crafts innovative installations for JadeBlue in Ahmedabad to observe World Environment Day

Source Media4Growth June 08 2022

The installations are an initiative to build mass awareness of the critical need for climate change mitigation

In the continuing effort to create mass awareness of climate change and environment protection, Ahmedabad-based fashion retail brand JadeBlue put up striking installations with messaging on the environment at key locations in the city with the support of creative agency Fresh Lime Soda Creatives. The installations were unveiled on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

A set of red and yellow French fries packs was put up around trees at 4-5 locations in Ahmedabad with the message that 'The earth is being fried up’. Likewise, an 8 feet high ‘popcorn box’ was put up at Cinepolis Ahmedabad containing globes instead of popcorn with a message that 'The earth is going pop.'

More such installations have been planned in other cities during the month to mark the World Environment Day. JadeBlue also distributed saplings on the occasion at all their stores.

While talking about this initiative, Sajit Surendran, Founder, Fresh Lime Soda Creatives (FLS) said, "For brands it is important to be relevant with their consumers. It is important to share concerns about our immediate environment and the world and create awareness. It has been our endeavour at FLS to constantly have conversations with brand owners on going beyond just advertising campaigns for their product and address larger concerns.

“This idea took seed when on a trip to the Himalayas we came across many sorry sights of forest fires and burnt up trees. That coupled with the 47-48 degrees Celsius temperature that we faced in many parts of India made us wonder what the real effect of climate change will be like in the future. The same is reflected in the campaign. If a campaign is based on an insight, it really works with people.”

FLS has been creating these installations for ambient media for JadeBlue and World Environment Day since the last 10 years. In 2019, they floated a large whale in the middle of the roads with a message that 'one day we will be swimming here' to highlight the effect of climate change. One other installation way back in 2008 was a large shoe around a tree trunk with the message that trees are us, please do not cut them.