Bengaluru OOH industry steps outdoor in big numbers to protest against BBMP ban

Source Media4 Growth October 26 2018

The industry lodged its protest peacefully and vehemently against BBMP’s Outdoor Signage & Public Messaging Byelaws 2018

The OOH industry in Bengaluru stepped out on the streets to lodge its protest against the BBMP ban on all commercial billboards and hoardings on public right-of-way issued in the BBMP Outdoor Signage & Public Messaging Byelaws 2018. The industry fraternity gathered around the Town Hall area in the city with placards to register its protest in a peaceful, and yet powerful manner. Over 700 people took part in the protest and nearly 550 signed the objection letter submitted to the authority. As shared by industry sources, the petition signed by the participants is about objections against the new policy and how it undermines the legitimate rights of those doing business in this area of advertising.