BBMP to check media material used on Bengaluru skywalks, BQS

Source Media4 Growth October 29 2018

In an HC court hearing, the Counsel for BBMP pointed out that while the media used is cited as recyclable, it needs to be checked if the same is bio-degradable

In the matters taken up for hearing in the Karnataka Court on Friday, October 26, as regards the advertising bye-laws, the counsel for the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) submitted that about 704 objections/suggestions had been received and the officers of the BBMP are in the process of scrutinising and attending on the same.

As regards the advertisements on the skywalks, bus shelters, etc., and the material proposed to be used, the counsel for the BBMP placed on record a report said to have been obtained from the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET). The report, prima facie, gives out the opinion of the said Institute that the material in question is thermoplastic and it could be recycled. However, the report does not specifically state if the material in question is found to be biodegradable. Unless specific report about biodegradability is available, the BBMP apparently has reservations about allowing any such material to be used for the purpose of advertisements even on the skywalks and bus-stands.