New-age data driven metrics will the game-changer

Source Media4 Growth January 25 2019

Rachana Lokhande, CEO, Kinetic India asserts that Transit, Technology and Data are the OOH growth drivers

The top 3 factors which will drive the Indian OOH growth will be Transit, Technology and Data.
The infrastructural advancement in India will mean that transit will be growing and gaining more importance, although static OOH will continue to deliver impact. Top 10 cities are witnessing the new age data, especially mobile data (which is not in some meagre sample size on which hypothesis are built, but on a robust data of 100 mn / 200mn users), provides deterministic audience profiles and unique insights on specific pin codes and will change the way of looking at measurement for OOH. This, I feel, will be the biggest game-changer for our industry and the need of the hour.developments in terms of public transport - be it metro, airports or buses; Tier 2 cities, especially the smart cities, are following the same trend.